Registration and submission of application- JCO / OR Enrolment

Registration and submission of application- JCO / OR enrolment. As per revised procedure, aspirants are now able to registration and submission of their application for  JCO / OR Enrolment through Procedure how to Registration and submission of application- JCO / OR Enrolment is enumerated below..

Registration and submission of application- JCO / OR Enrolment

  1. Type in the browser address bar.
  2. Click on Apply / Login link in JCO / OR enrolment.
  3. Registration page will open up. If you have registered earlier, enter your username and password to login else click on REGISTRATION button for new registration.
  4. An instruction page will open up. Read the instructions and click on CONTINUE button.
  5. Fill up following data for registration as a candidate :
    • Personal Details
    • Education Details
    • Contact Details
    • Password Requirement
  6. Save
  7. A One Time Password (OTP) will be generated and will be sent to your email ID. Open your email address as given during Registration and enter OTP and click on SUBMITbutton.
  8. You will be directed to eligibility page. Fill up the following data while checking for its correctness :
    • ARO linking with District and Tehsil
    • Height
    • Date of Birth i.e. Age
    • Marital Status
    • Special Category, if any
  9. Click on CHECK ELIGIBILITY button.
  10. Check and validate eligible categories as per his qualification and click on relevantAPPLY button.
  11. A webpage with detailed instructions will open up. Click on CONTINUE button.
  12. JCO / OR Application form will open up having following menus.
  13. Click on Personal information fill up your personal details, upload your photograph (compulsory) and signature (optional). Click on SAVE & CONTINUE button
  14. Click on communication details and fill up your permanent and correspondence address. Click on SAVE & CONTINUE button
  15. Click onDETAILS and fill up following data:
    • Category
    • Sports Level Achieved / Sports Achievements
    • NCC Qualification
    • Special Category, if any
  16. Click on SAVE & CONTINUE button
  17. Click on EDUCATIONAL DETAILS and fill up the data.
  18. Click on ADD button.
  19. On clicking ADD button, your updated education details will appear in a table along with SAVE & SUBMIT button.
  20. Click on SAVE & SUBMIT button.
  21. A page will open up with your Roll No. Note it down for future reference as it will be used for tracking your application.
  22. You can also check your profile from My Profile in dashboard menu.
  23. lncase of any query of issues faced while registering and applying online, please send all relevant details and snapshots, wherever applicable to

Note:  Please verify all the details regarding Registration and submission of application- JCO / OR Enrolment from the official website of Indian Army.

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