Chetan Bhagat’s take on traditional vs out-of-box courses


Chetan Bhagat’s take on traditional vs out-of-box courses. Do we still give importance to traditional courses? Engineering, Medicine, Chartered Accountancy, MBA are favorite courses after schooling. These courses mint money and provide a safe career option.

But are we suppressing our passions in the name of a safer career. The blooming young minds are not getting enough space to get out and explore new opportunities.

Chetan Bhagat in an exclusive interview with India Today, shared his insights on education and career possibilities. He encourages parents to find out , ‘What interests your child?’

Q. Is there a career beyond engineering, medical and civil services for young Indians?
A. Indian Parents and middle class parents have been very traditional and they want their kids to pursue professional courses like engineering, medicine, mba, because they feel that is the only way to get a stable job.

Q. Does India have scope for employment?
A. India has changed and the world has changed, so there are many other professions like event management, public relations, media and so many other industries which have scope for employment.

Q. How to change the parent’s mindset?
A. Parents need to see other career options and observe where the aptitude and interest of the child lies. That can only define a better career possibility for their child.

Sources : India Today

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