CBSE class XII Maths exam: 7 topics which can fetch you 90 percent


CBSE class XII Maths exam: 7 topics which can fetch you 90 percent. Time is ticking and important topics have to be covered. Your sure shot success depends on what you revise at the last moment. We have identified 7 important topics which are considered important for CBSE Board class XII Mathematics exam 2015.

Topics you have to strongly revise to score 90 per cent above:

1. Continuity & Differentiability

2. Three Dimensional Geometry

3. Probability (Bayes Theorem)

4. Linear Programming

5. Matrices and determinants

6. Application of Derivatives (Word Problem)

7. Differential equations

Know in detail what topics to expect in CBSE Mathematics Exam 2015. We have also considered the change in the Exam pattern.

SECTION A: (1 mark questions)

Q.NO.1:  Vector Algebra

Q.NO.2:  Vector Algebra

Q.NO.3:  Three Dimensional Geometry

Q.NO.4:  Matrices & Determinants

Q.NO.5:  Differential equations

Q.NO.6:  Differential equations

SECTION B: (4 marks questions)

Q.NO.7:  Matrices

Q.NO.8:  Matrices – CHOICE – Matrices

Q.NO.9:  Properties of Determinant

Q.NO.10:  Integration

Q.NO.11:  Integration – CHOICE – Integration

Q.NO.12:  Probability – CHOICE – Probability

Q.NO.13:  Vector Algebra

Q.NO.14:  Three Dimensional Geometry – CHOICE – Three dimensional geometry

Q.NO.15:  Inverse trigonometry functions – CHOICE – Inverse trigonometry functions

Q.NO.16: Continuity & Differentiability

Q.NO.17:  Continuity & Differentiability

Q.NO.18:  Continuity & Differentiability

Q.NO.19:  Integration

SECTION C: (6 marks questions)

Q.NO.20:  Relation & Functions – CHOICE – Relation & Functions

Q.NO.21:  Area under the curve (AOI)

Q.NO.22:  Differential Equations – CHOICE – Differential Equations

Q.NO.23:  Three Dimensional Geometry

Q.NO.24:  Probability (Bayes Theorem)

Q.NO.25:  Linear Programming

Q.NO.26:  Application of Derivatives (Word Problem)

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