CBSE Class 10| English Paper Analysis

CBSE Class 10: English paper was effortlessly attempted


Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is conducting the Board exams for Class 10 and Class 12 students. The Class 10 Board aspirants had their English exam today. The exam was easy. Candidates were seen in a happy and relaxed mood.


Section B: This section carried 25  marks and had five questions in total. Question 3 and 4 were provided with internal choices as well.

Section C: This section carrying 25 marks had four long answer questions based on literature. The answers to all these questions should have been written in a lucid and coherent way, those having thorough knowledge of the chapters could attempt the exam. This section too had several internal choices.

Sogra Ansari, a board aspirant with a gleaming smile on her face said, “Although I was well prepared, I was expecting difficult reading comprehensions, however, no such thing, thankfully happened.”

“I am expecting A1. Fingers crossed”, said another student Kushagra Singh.

Most of the students agreed that they are expecting at least 90 per cent marks in the exam. The paper was uncomplicated and could be solved effortlessly.

Wishing all the candidates a good luck.

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